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Table 2 Parameters used in the present study for health exposure assessment in bottled water sample

From: Evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in bottled water samples (non-carbonated, mineral, carbonated and carbonated flavored water) in Tehran with MSPE-GC/MS method: a health risk assessment

Exposure parameters Unit References
SF Carcinogenic slope factor of oral intake (7.3) mg/(kg/d) [34]
C Concentrations of PAHs μg/kg
EDI Estimated daily intake mg/kg  
\(\mathrm{EF}i\) Exposure frequency Days per year [35]
IR Average daily intake kg/day [36]
ED Exposure duration Days [6]
BEC Benzo(a) pyrene equivalents concentrations by toxicity equivalency factors (TEFs) [37]
AT Average time Days [38]
BW Body weight (for children and adults is between 15 and 70) kg [32]
TEFs Toxic equivalent factors Additional file 1: Table S1