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Table 7 Uncertainly analysis for the daily intake (µg/kg bw/day) of PAHs in bottled water samples

From: Evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in bottled water samples (non-carbonated, mineral, carbonated and carbonated flavored water) in Tehran with MSPE-GC/MS method: a health risk assessment

Percentiles/analyte Adults Children
5% 50% 75% 95% 5% 50% 75% 95%
NA 5.12E−7 7.81E−7 9.27E−7 1.17E−6 2.39E−6 3.65E−6 4.27E−6 5.55E−6
ACE 8.24E−7 1.22E−6 1.46E−6 1.82E−6 3.80E−6 5.71E−6 6.79E−6 8.54E−6
AC 1.09E−7 1.66E−7 1.92E−7 2.47E−7 5.01E−7 7.51E−7 8.87E−7 1.14E−6
F 1.06E−6 1.55E−6 1.78E−6 2.35E−6 4.78E−6 7.22E−6 8.55E−6 1.07E−5
PH 2.36E−7 3.54E−7 4.10E−7 5.30E−7 1.10E−6 1.64E−6 1.94E−6 2.46E−6
A 7.30E−8 1.08E−7 1.28E−7 1.63E−7 3.49E−7 5.16E−7 6.00E−7 7.61E−7
FL 6.71E−7 1.01E−6 1.19E−6 1.49E−6 3.21E−6 4.66E−6 5.47E−6 6.77E−6
P 1.27E−7 1.92E−7 2.22E−7 2.81E−7 5.94E−7 8.98E−7 1.07E−6 1.31E−6
B(A)A 8.41E−7 1.27E−6 1.48E−6 1.89E−6 3.94E−6 5.77E−6 6.74E−6 8.55E−6
B(B)F 1.44E−7 2.19E−7 2.58E−7 3.34E−7 6.81E−7 1.03E−6 1.21E−6 1.52E−6
B(K)F 1.44E−7 2.17E−7 2.55E−7 3.33E−7 6.76E-7 1.02E−6 1.19E−6 1.54E−6
B(A)P 1.45E−7 2.17E−7 2.55E−7 3.29E−7 6.68E−7 1.00E−6 1.18E−6 1.53E−6