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Aims and scope

Applied Biological Chemistry aims to promote the interchange and dissemination of scientific data among researchers in the field of agricultural and biological chemistry. The journal covers biochemistry and molecular biology, medical and biomaterial science, food science, and environmental science as applied to multidisciplinary agriculture.

Editor profiles

In Seon Kim

In Seon KimIn Seon Kim is a Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Biological Chemistry, Chonnam National University, South Korea. Professor Kim's research interests include environmental fate of pesticide, pesticide toxicology and metabolomics, biodegradation and biotransformation of agricultural contaminants, and agricultural pest management.

Moonjae Cho

Cho Moon Jae 2020Moonjae Cho is a Professor at the Department of medicine, Lab of  Biochemistry and molecular biology, Jeju National  University, South Korea. Professor Cho's research interests are focused to redox signal transduction in EMT and fibrosis, including skin, liver and  lung. He also studies alteration of metabolism in drug resistant cancer cells.

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