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  1. Rhododendrons produce a variety of methoxyflavonoids, including rarely found 3-methoxyflavonoids and 5-methoxyflavonoids. It was thus suggested that they have a series of regiospecific flavonoid O-methyltransfera...

    Authors: Kyungha Lee, Seong Hee Bhoo, Sang-Won Lee and Man-Ho Cho
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:64
  2. Ten isatin-based hydrazone derivatives were synthesized using two subseries, IA (isatin + acetophenone) and IB (isatin + benzaldehyde), and evaluated for their monoamine oxidases (MAOs) inhibitory activity. All t...

    Authors: Naseer Maliyakkal, Jong Min Oh, Sunil Kumar, Prashant Gahori, Anandkumar Tengli, Asmy Appadath Beeran, Hoon Kim and Bijo Mathew
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:63
  3. Diabetes mellitus is a widespread endocrine disorder, which is categorized as the fourth leading cause of global mortality. Allopathic medicine has yet to provide a satisfactory cure for this condition. Conseq...

    Authors: Rania A. Karas, Shaimaa Alexeree, Nora Elzohery, Shams H. Abdel-Hafez and Yasser A. Attia
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:62
  4. Excessive clotting or abnormal platelet accumulation can lead to serious cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis, stroke, and thrombosis. Therefore, it is imperative to identify compounds capable of c...

    Authors: Ho Keun Choi, Ga Yeon Kim, Ga Hee Lee, Hee su Jang, Da Hyeon Kang, Jin Pyo Lee and Dong-Ha Lee
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:61
  5. Morinda citrifolia L. (Noni) has been widely used in traditional medicine in tropical zones and has become increasingly popular globally owing to its health benefits. Most noni fruits are consumed as juice, which...

    Authors: Yoonjeong Kim, Jiye Pyeon, Jae-Yeon Lee, Eun-Min Kim, Im-Joung La, Ok-Hwan Lee, Keono Kim, Jeehye Sung and Younghwa Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:59
  6. Fecal waste from livestock farms contains numerous pathogens, and improperly managed waste may flow into water bodies, causing water-borne diseases. Along with the popularization of high-throughput technologie...

    Authors: Hokyung Song and Tatsuya Unno
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:58
  7. In order to identify the key antioxidant defense systems used to cope with high-temperature stress in rice leaf chloroplasts following biochar supplementation, the present study compared the expression levels ...

    Authors: Min Huang, Xiaohong Yin, Jiana Chen and Fangbo Cao
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:57
  8. This study investigated the anti-inflammatory compounds in Ogaza, Acanthopanax sessiliflorus fruit, and their extracts using metabolomic screening. Ogaza extracts were obtained in various solvents, such as 70% et...

    Authors: Gyoung-Deuck Kim, Jiho Lee and Joong-Hyuck Auh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:56
  9. Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) has been treated via injectable hydrogels and biomaterial patches invented using tissue engineering advancements over the past decade. Yet the curative potential of injectable...

    Authors: Jun Xue and Yu Ping Gao
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:55
  10. The untargeted metabolomics-based molecular networking approach combined with multivariate analysis, proves to be an effective strategy for distinguishing raw materials in herbal medicine according to specific...

    Authors: Alfan Danny Arbianto, Min Kim, Seon Min Oh, Hyun-Jae Jang, Hyung Won Ryu, Jin-Hyub Paik, Sei-Ryang Oh and Jongmin Ahn
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:54
  11. Natural compounds are known as a resource of anti-cancer agents. Anti-cancer capacity toward human epithelial lung cancer cell lines (A549, H460) was examined with and without treatment of trypsin on the extra...

    Authors: Jae Ho Yeom, Jin-Woo Lee, Seung Myun Hong, Deok Jae Lee, Dong Choon Park and Namhyun Chung
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:53
  12. Trimethylamine-N-Oxide (TMAO) is believed to be linked to increased likelihood of cardiovascular disease. While probiotics have shown limited effectiveness in reducing TMAO levels, the potential of postbiotics...

    Authors: Hongjuan Xu, Xiaoyun Bian, Hongxing Wang, Lin Huang and Xiaoxi Chen
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:52
  13. Soybean seeds are excellent sources of tocopherols, B vitamins, and isoflavones, which are well known for their health benefits. This study investigated the influence of environment and genotype on these const...

    Authors: Eun-Ha Kim, Jung-Won Jung, Oh Suk Yu, So-Young Lee, Myeong-Ji Kim, Sang-Gu Lee, Hyoun-Min Park, Yongmin Jo, Yongsung Joo and Seon-Woo Oh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:51
  14. The work presents a report on Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) synthesized through a green approach using Nauclea latifolia fruit extracts, with a view to investigating the prepared nanoparticles for their anti...

    Authors: Segun Michael Abegunde, Emmanuel Folorunso Olasehinde and Matthew Ayorinde Adebayo
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:50
  15. The prolonged state of hepatic inflammation can lead to liver damage, a critical driving force in the progression of liver-related diseases. Locusta migratoria (LM), an edible insect, is recognized for its protei...

    Authors: Jiaxiang Zheng, Sunyoon Jung, Jung-Heun Ha and Yoonhwa Jeong
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:49
  16. Nowadays, infectious diseases pose an alarming global threat to human health. The genus Senna is among the most well-known taxonomic categories commonly used in folk medicine to confront these challenges. Motivat...

    Authors: Hadush Gebrehiwot, Urgessa Ensermu, Aman Dekebo, Milkyas Endale and Mo Hunsen
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:48
  17. Recently, focus has been placed on renewable sources, as they can be provided in large quantities at the lowest possible cost, in order to create nanoparticles. One of these sources is Zygnema moss which used ...

    Authors: Sulaiman A. Alsalamah, Mohammed Ibrahim Alghonaim, Marwah Marwah Bakri and Tarek M. Abdelghany
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:47
  18. Increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) leads to oxidative stress, with its damaging effect extending to the mitochondria and plasma membrane. Further, prolonged inflammation can result in chroni...

    Authors: Do Manh Cuong, Sun Hee Yang, Ji Soo Kim, Jeong Yong Moon, Jongkeun Choi, Gyung Min Go and Somi Kim Cho
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:46
  19. Toxic heavy metal lead enters in the environment due to industrial and anthropogenic activity threatens ecosystems and public health. Natural garlic extract (GE) exhibits antioxidant properties and various app...

    Authors: Mohamed Abdel Rida Yaseen, Madiha Hadj Ayed and Jabbar A. A. Al-Saaidi
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:45
  20. Biochar, with its potential to enhance soil fertility, sequester carbon, boost crop yields and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, offers a solution. Addressing the challenges posed by climate change is crucial f...

    Authors: Do-Gyun Park, Hyeon-Cheol Jeong, Eun-Bin Jang, Jong-Mun Lee, Hyoung-Seok Lee, Hye-Ran Park, Sun-Il Lee, Do-Gyun Park, Eun-Bin Jang and Taek-Keun Oh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:44
  21. Understanding the bacteria associated with nitrification and denitrification is crucial for comprehending the processes that lead to nitrous oxide emissions in agricultural greenhouse soils. Therefore, it is i...

    Authors: R. Hernández Maqueda, I. Ballesteros, D. Meca, R. Linacero and F. del Moral
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:43
  22. Taiwanofungus camphoratus has attracted much attention because it can abundantly produce various active substances that exhibit blood-sugar lowering, immunity improving, and antioxidant properties. Currently, T. ...

    Authors: YongFei Ming, Yin Li, JianZhi Chu, XiaoShuang Zhou, YuXuan Huang, ShuDe Yang, YueJun Mu, Lin Wang, Rui Zhang and XianHao Cheng
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:40
  23. Fish are susceptible to blood-sucking parasite infections, which cause severe anemia, dyspnea, and ultimately death. However, veterinary drugs available for fish to treat such infectious diseases are lacking; ...

    Authors: Min Ji Kim, Ji Young Kim, Dong Woo Shin and Hyun-Kyung Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:38
  24. The Himalayan composting toilets (CTs) offer a sustainable solution for converting human faeces (HF) into compost, supplementing the low-fertile land of the region. However, CTs face challenges such as delayed...

    Authors: Shruti Sinai Borker, Aman Thakur, Krishna Kanta Pandey, Pallavi Sharma, Vivek Manyapu, Abhishek Khatri and Rakshak Kumar
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:37
  25. Obesity, a prevalent disease associated with numerous chronic conditions, including hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, remains a major global health challenge. This study investig...

    Authors: Seung-Jun Lee, Kyoung Hwan Cho, Jong Cheol Kim, Ho Jin Choo, Jeong-Yun Hwang, Hyun Chin Cho and Young-Sool Hah
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:36
  26. Acinetobacter baumannii is without a doubt one of the most problematic bacteria causing hospital-acquired nosocomial infections in today's healthcare system. To solve the high prevalence of multi-drug resistant (...

    Authors: Riham A. El-Shiekh, Rana Elshimy, Asmaa A. Mandour, Hanaa A. H. Kassem, Amal E. Khaleel, Saleh Alseekh, Alisdair R. Fernie and Mohamed A. Salem
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:35
  27. Glehnia littoralis, a medicinal herb employed in traditional practices for alleviating fatigue, cough, and a dry throat, is recognized for its beneficial properties due to a diverse array of active compounds foun...

    Authors: Yun Ji Park, Yeong Bin Choi, Sang-Bin Oh, Jinyoung Moon, To Quyen Truong, Phuong Kim Huynh and Sang Min Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:34
  28. Artemisia species have significant commercial, medical, and economic value and are widely used in the traditional medicine and pharmaceutical industries. Artemisinin, a powerful antimalarial agent, is an importan...

    Authors: Yun Ji Park, To Quyen Truong, Yeong Bin Choi, Phuong Kim Huynh, Jinyoung Moon, Song Yi Koo, Hyoung Seok Kim and Sang Min Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:33
  29. Cannabis, traditionally used for recreation due to psychoactive compounds in its leaves, flowers, and seeds, has not been thoroughly explored for potential therapeutic benefits. Δ9-trans-Tetrahydrocannabinol, a k...

    Authors: Sullim Lee, Yunjeong Lee, Yunseo Kim, Hyunji Kim, Haerim Rhyu, Kyoungmi Yoon, Chang-Dae Lee and Sanghyun Lee
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:32
  30. Muscle atrophy, a debilitating condition characterized by loss of muscle mass and strength, is a major concern in various clinical settings. Acetyl genistin (AG), a bioactive compound, was evaluated for its ro...

    Authors: Won Min Jeong, Seung-Jin Kwag, Jun Young Ha, Seung-Jun Lee, Yeong-In Choe, Dong Yeol Lee, Dong Kyu Jeong, Hwan Hee Bae, Jin-Hee Seo, Young-Sool Hah and Sang Gon Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:31
  31. Piercing sucking pests are destructive to many strategic crops all over the world. Botanical pesticides can be used to control these pests. A new withanolide derivative 3 named sominone A ((20R,22R)-1α,3β,20,27-t...

    Authors: Amany Ragab, Mohamed A. Taher, Helmy H. El-Rafey and Ahmed Ramadan El-Rokh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:29
  32. The Nociceptin/orphanin FQ peptide (NOP) receptor is considered a member of the opioid receptor subfamily of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) which has been shown to be present in many parts of the central ...

    Authors: Molly E. Murray, Beatriz G. Goncalves, Mary A. Biggs, Sophia A. Frantzeskos, Charlotta G. Lebedenko and Ipsita A. Banerjee
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:28
  33. Immune disorders have become one of the public health problems and imposes a serious economic and social burden worldwide. Ginsenosides, the main active constituents of ginseng, are regarded as a novel supplem...

    Authors: Ping Tang, Sitong Liu, Junshun Zhang, Zhiyi Ai, Yue Hu, Linlin Cui, Hongyang Zou, Xia Li, Yu Wang, Bo Nan and Yuhua Wang
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:27
  34. The Solanaceae family includes the largest flowering crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants. Consumer demand has led to massive development of plants in the Solanum genus, and many different Solanum v...

    Authors: So Hee Yang, Suk Weon Kim, Sujin Lee and Yeonjong Koo
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:21
  35. Six compounds were isolated from Penicillium sp. SG-W3, a marine-derived fungus, and their inhibitory activities against target enzymes relating to neurological diseases were evaluated. Compound 1 (pannorin) was ...

    Authors: Jong Min Oh, Qian Gao, Woong-Hee Shin, Eun-Young Lee, Dawoon Chung, Grace Choi, Sang-Jip Nam and Hoon Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:26
  36. Elderly individuals commonly experience the risk of dysphagia or difficulties in eating and swallowing food safely. Three-dimensional (3D) food printing is a promising technique widely used in customized food ...

    Authors: Chhychhy Chao, Hyong Kyong Nam, Hyun Jin Park and Hyun Woo Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:25
  37. Curcuma longa L. extract (CLE) exerts various biological functions including antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anticancer, and antiallergenic effects. However, its immune-enhancing capacity remains unclear. Theref...

    Authors: Se Jeong Kim, San Kim, Sehyeon Jang, Da Hye Gu, Jeong Min Park, Jung A. Ryu, Sung Ran Yoon and Sung Keun Jung
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:24
  38. Redhyang (Citrus hybrid ‘Kanpei’,CHK) is a subtropical citrus species introduced in Korea due to climate change. To enhance the nutritional value and usability of CHK as a processed food product, CHK extract was ...

    Authors: Doyoung Kim and Imkyung Oh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:23
  39. This study determined the fertilizer potentials of the dehydrated food waste powder (DFWP) and spent coffee grounds (SCGs) through assessing their effects on yield, antioxidant activities, mineral and proximat...

    Authors: Young-Ji Jeon, Yun-Gu Kang, Jin-Ah Eun and Taek-Keun Oh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:22
  40. R2R3-MYB transcription factors (TFs) are known to play a key role in regulating the expression of structural genes involved in plant flavonoid biosynthesis. However, the regulatory networks and related genes c...

    Authors: Ju Yeon Moon, Saet Buyl Lee, Yu Jeong Jeong, Gah-Hyun Lim, Gilok Shin, Man-Soo Choi, Jeong Ho Kim, Ki Hun Park, Jiyoung Lee, Jae Cheol Jeong and Cha Young Kim
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:20
  41. In vitro antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities were investigated using a 70% acidic methanol extract of the colored wheat bran, 'Ariheuk.' Active metabolites were identified via metabolomic analysis usi...

    Authors: Seung-Gyeom Kim, So-Hyeon Park and Joong-Hyuck Auh
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:19
  42. Salts play a crucial role in maintaining human health by regulating fluid levels and supporting various physiological processes. However, conventional seawater-derived salts are associated with microplastic po...

    Authors: Mangeun Kim, Min Hye Kim, Jinho Kim, Kyungpil Kang, Junsu Lee, Mrinmoy Ghosh and Young-Ok Son
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:18
  43. Chrysanthemum morifolium is classified within the Asteraceae botanical family and serves as a phytomedicine in many countries. The objective of this study was to quantitatively analyze twelve phenolic compounds t...

    Authors: Tham Thi Mong Doan, Gia Han Tran, Toan Khac Nguyen, Jin Hee Lim and Sanghyun Lee
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:17
  44. Inflammation is an essential defense mechanism in health; however, excessive inflammation contributes to the pathophysiology of several chronic diseases. Although anti-inflammatory drugs are essential for cont...

    Authors: Minji Kim, Jangeun An, Seong-Ah Shin, Sun Young Moon, Moonsu Kim, Seyeon Choi, Huiji Kim, Kim-Hoa Phi, Jun Hyuck Lee, Ui Joung Youn, Hyun Ho Park and Chang Sup Lee
    Citation: Applied Biological Chemistry 2024 67:16

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